Wanna share your photos online?

Everybody loves to see their friend’s newest photos they’ve just taken on their latest holiday, sporting event, birthday or whatever the occasion. There’s just something fun and interesting about photo sharing online, not only with your friends and family, but with the whole world!

mother_daughterboth_retouc.jpgPopular online photo sharing site Flickr has been around for quite some time and in a way pioneered the concept of online photo sharing, storage and organisation. While they do offer free accounts to new users, they are limited in upload bandwidth, storage and photo collections (or sets) which their pro accounts offer unlimited.

I’m an avid amateur photographer myself, but recently I just haven’t had the time to take as many photographs as I would like to which personally cannot justify purchasing a pro account on flickr. So I found myself wondering, are there any (possibly) free alternative online photo sharing sites to flickr out there? I went to find out…

It’s actually quite hard finding totally free one’s, but free in a way. Here’s a list of great photo sharing sites which give you more upload capacity and bandwidth than a FREE Flickr account gives you:

Each of these photo sharing sites does offer some kind of storage capacity which isn’t too bad. Averaging around ~250MB online storage which is nice for being free. These site’s don’t have many of the limitations on their free accounts as Flickr does on their’s.

Free accounts on Flickr these days have an upload bandwidth cap of 20MB per month, while these sites do not.

So if you’re into photography but don’t get out as much to take your photos, or just a casual snapper wanting to share that special moment, look no further than a few of these sites. They don’t have the same restrictions flickr has on ther free accounts and are still easy to use. Be sure to check them out, and start sharing your photos!

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