Jennifer Hawkins newest face of covergirl

Since her crowning of Miss Universe in 2004 , Jennifer Hawkins’ fame has skyrocketed. She is a television presenter on The Great Outdoors for channel 7 (Australia) these days which takes her all over the world and also the face of lovable Lingerie Australia, this ‘lovable’ beauty from oz now has something new to add to her resume…the new face of Covergirl cosmetics.

jennifer_hawkins.jpgThe 22 year old’s life totally changed from an aussie cheerleader to an aussie icon in such a short time, and people seem to just love her. She has such an interesting (and beautiful) quality about her which is really taking her places, and her latest job as the newest cover girl is definately testimate to her growing power and celebrity.

She has grown to be not only an Australian figure, but a well known international personality, appearing in many fashion shows and television specials & interviews. This year has definately been one of Jennifer’s biggest years since her triumphant miss universe win. We have seen her picture plastered over television, magazines, advertisements, train stations, sides of busses and god knows where else.

She recently appeared on the Seven Network’s Dancing with the Stars which helped make her more of a household name (if she wasn’t already). People just can’t seem to get enough of her these days, and why not. She ‘appears’ to be a very bright and talented woman, not to mention her amazing looks.

Covergirl Australia are planning to use Jennifer in their latest marketing campaign throughout the country over the next few months, but it has been said that the deal could see her photos appearing in overseas covergirl commercials also. Covergirl I’m sure have sealed their success in concrete with getting Jennifer on board, and before long, we’ll all be seeing much more of her once again…but who’s complaining?

56 thoughts on “Jennifer Hawkins newest face of covergirl

  1. I am a big fan of Jennifer and i saw her wining “Miss Universe” contest & i really liked her.Thank to write a feature about her and yhis picture is really nice thanks for the feature.Really Nice

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  21. Hi,

    Im a high school student and im doing my exhibition on Jennifer Hawkins. I was just wondering where i could get inforamtion on Jennifer Hawkins’s life and how her career changed her life. Im also looking for posters for my exhibition. If theres anything available please send if possible.
    Looking forward to a reply.


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