MySpace: What’s all the fuss?

myspace_203.jpgFelow blogger Tyler Walicek has recently written a really great article on his blog entitied “The MySpace Saga” which takes a look at where the site all started out, how it took shape, and an interesting look at the popular social networking site’s more shady background.

“I’ve always been fascinated with MySpace. It’s a writhing, twisted cesspool of Internet slang and <FONT COLOR=#FF751A”>terrible code.<F/ONT> But it’s also an outlet for millions of people, mostly teens, who, someway, somehow, through all the malformed CSS and hideous pages, are creating an identity for themselves. They decorate their profiles with YouTube Clips, oversized text, and pictures of their favorite rappers. Their pages are 5000 pixels wide and impossible to read. And they love it.

But there’s more to MySpace than just users with questionable web design skills. The site itself has something of a shady history. With a little bit of research, I’ve managed to piece together a timeline for how the site actually came about.”

source: Tyler Walicek: The MySpace Saga

A look at who is behind the creation of the site, who exactly Tom Anderson is (myspace go-ers all know who “Tom” is right lol) and who is backing the site now.

More recently Rupert Murdoch and his company newscorp bought out myspace from its previous owners for something like $570 million dollars. Google was in the running for the buy out, but declined stating that they (google) weren’t interested in a buy-out of MySpace becuase they could create something better (paraphrase).

Rupert Murdoch is obviously fairly happy with himself these days after purchasing MySpace anyway. He know owns the most popular social networking site around, and perhaps the most popular website on the internet these days.

Definately be sure to check out Tyler’s article with the link above. Very interesting look.

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