Anniversary 100th article milestone!


It’s a celebration! 100 posts and still going strong.

I can’t believe it has been 100 articles I’ve written on The Whole Story already, bringing you the thoughts, ideas & stories…of all time (well, maybe). To some, 100 may not seem like a lot. If I wrote everyday (which I do now) it would only be 100 days, but the fact of the matter is that in the blog’s infancy, I would write maybe 3-4 posts a week so thinking if I’d ever get to 100 was really no more than fantasy.

For those who haven’t been with me since the beginning, let me give you a quick ‘Whole Story’ history lesson.

Where it all began:

The blog started early in 2005 as a technology news focused blog called Justin’s Tech Blog (oh how imaginative) which I typically discussed any recent technology news, new gadgets, new online services and things of that nature. Justin’s Tech Blog was merely a blip on the radar in the beginning attracting only a few unique visits each day while really only appealing to ‘geek’ audiences and the tech savvy.

Early ideas, big dreams:

The blog had its experiments of different ideas in this early time, but in September of 2005 a new concept called Monday Tech Questions (MTQ) took off and to my suprise, the most successful idea and (moderately) longest running idea. MTQ was a weekly series of questions visitors to the blog would either email in or comment on regarding technology advice, discussion and queries. I would research the topic discussion and give a short answer to help them out with their problem, or to entertain their curiosity. With the introduction of monday tech questions, traffic to the blog and its overall popularity steadily grew, becoming one of the most frequently visited blogs on tblog (which it was then hosted at the time).

Tortured times, Justin’s Tech Blog neared its end:

In December (2005) while the blog’s popularity was as strong as it had ever been, a lust for breaking into bigger domain had developed within myself and found myself wanting to push the blog into new territory and give it a new lease on life. News stories were hard to come by and the appeal to a larger audience was something the blog really needed. Throughout December, writing of articles was put on hold and the blog was taken down for redevelopment, in preparation for a new format, and indeed…a new home.

The end of the month was here, a final farewell post was written on the blog, bags were packed and its move was just around the corner.

A new home, and a new life…The Whole Story was born:

In February (2006), the blog was reborn, revampt and The Whole Story came about. The move from tblog to WordPress was no doubt the turning point in the blog’s life with the first ever post on The Whole Story ‘Justin’s TechBlog moved to wordpress’ taking shape and off the presses.

Growth is steady…the blog is here to stay:

In recent times I have experimented with all kinds of new concepts, ideas and layouts for the blog. While wanting to appeal to larger audiences, articles have been written on numerous topic areas such as health, sports, academics, current affairs, gossip and science & technology just to name a few.

More recently, experimentation with audio posts proved popular amongst visitors, but in the end was too time consuming for me to sustain for any length of time, however surviving for 7 Episodes between the months of April and June. The episodes are still avaliable for download via the audio section of the blog to the right.

Yep, its been one hell of a ride since I started, and nowadays The Whole Story continues to enjoy steady growth and many search engines (including Google, Yahoo, msn etc) keeping up with each new post, helping more and more visitors find their way.

I’m glad the things that interest me and topics I write about also appeal to many others and without a passion for writing, there would have been no way I would have made it to the 100th one. To all my regular visitors, and to those who stop by on occasions, thank you so much. Your interest means alot, and so long I have people like you stopping by and reading what I have to say, The Whole Story will still be around.

Just wait, soon enough, you’ll be back here reading the 200th anniversary article. Thanks guys!

2 thoughts on “Anniversary 100th article milestone!”

  1. Hey Justin… Congrats on reaching 100! That’s a great achievement! And thanks for filling me in on what I have missed also (the history) :). Keep it up!

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