An insight into hangovers

Hangovers! Most of us have experienced the call of satan the next morning, relentlessly pounding on our heads with no end in sight. While you were having too much fun the night before you weren’t really worried about the aftermath that follows, but now its hit, how can you deal with a hangover?

alcohol_bottles.gifThe obvious solution to hangover prevention is to simply avoid drinking any alcohol all together, but if you decided to pop the keg last night, you might be interested to know a little something about dealing with the mess the next morning.

Hangovers…what the hell?

A Hangover is your body’s sick way of telling you that you drank too much alcohol last night and the culprit with probably cause…dehydration. When you drink, your body looses valuable vitimins and minerals and dehydration definately plays a part in that splitting headache we often see. I’ve heard many friends of mine swear by a berocca before and after drinking to ease the pain the next morning. Berocca contains many of these vitimins and minerals that are lost and thereby reducing the obvious effects of a hangover.

Hangover myths & stories:
Different people will tell you all different stories as to how to reduce the chances / effects of a hangover and one I hear often is eating before drinking. Drinking on an empty stomache means that the alcohol that is being thrown into your body will be absorbed much quicker than if you had eaten previously.

Another one is not to mix your drinks. I’ll also agree with this one too. I heard a good analogy to this myth and it went something like this:

“You wouldn’t mix different kinds of non-alcoholic beverages all night long without expecting to get sick to your stomach, right? Think about it!…You wouldn’t drink a glass of orange juice then guzzle a carton of chocolate milk and top it off with some cherry soda and a strawberry shake!!! The sick feeling you can imagine getting from mixing those unlikely drinks is similar to what happens the morning after you spend a whole night guzzling bear, wine, vodka, and a zillion other concoctions!”


One thing about hangover’s that I hear very often is that becuase your body dehydrates very quickly when drinking alcohol, the fastest way to the road to recovery is to rehydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water. This will flush any remaining alcohol out of your system. Also drinking fruit juice, sports drinks, and even soft drinks can help make you feel a bit better. The sugars found in those drinks will give you a quick source of energy needed to feel a tad bit better at least, plenty of rest is helpful and if you can eat something, that should get your body back on track.

Yep, damn hangovers! We all hate them. It would be great if there was some magical pill we could take that would cure them, but I don’t really think there is a ‘hangover cure’ at all, you just need to try different things and see what works for you.

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