Britney Spears poses in harpers bazaar

For the celebrity un-initiated, Britney spears is currently pregnant with her second child to husband Kevin Federline. Her highly publized pregnancies are once again thrown into the limelight with britney posing in a nude photoshoot for popular entertainment and fashion magazine Harpers Bazaar in which she appears on the cover of the august 2006 issue.

britney.jpgHer shoot is heavily reminiscent of Demi Moore’s nude photoshoot she did for Vanity Fair magazine in august of 1991, almost 15 years ago. Britney’s new photos in the august issue have already appeared all over the internet a month even before the release of the issue.

I thought after lukewarm feelings from the general public about her ‘on & off it seems’ marriage with Kevin we wouldn’t really be seeing and hearing much of Britney spears for at least a while, but she’s back, posing nude while heavily pregnant and to be honest, most people actually don’t seem to mind it! Well, who i’ve been asking anyway.britney4.jpg

Sure many people have criticized Britney in the past and her popularity has fallen substantially for various reasons, but there is something fascinating about seeing a beautiful pregnant woman naked that draws so much attention and interest (even if it is Britney Spears).

It would take alot of guts to expose yourself like that whilst pregnant and takes alot of courage, regardless of who you are.

Her credibility as a performer may have taken a beating the last few years, but she’s now getting plenty of recognition at the moment anyway from this new shoot and her departure from her trademark blonde locks.

Maybe this means Britney’s triumphant comeback to the mainstream? Who knows? Probably not, but its good to see you anyway Britney, always a treat!

7 thoughts on “Britney Spears poses in harpers bazaar”

  1. I really don’t know what to think about ole Brit Brit these days– A part of me shakes my headas as I “tsk tsk”, another part of me can really relate. With all of the bad press and abuse she has been taking from the media these days I see this photo shoot in Harper’s as a “You can’t bring me down” sorta retort. SHe does look beautiful and I wish her the best, as i would any new mommy to be.

  2. Her Career Is OVER!!!!

    This is just to keep her name in the news!!!!

    She has turned into nothing but trash!!!!

    She should have just stayed iwth Justin….

    Its over

    Her and Kevin her trash. She stole another man’s man.

    I bet she is with him because of sex!!!

    They have nothing in common.

    Please dont buy or promote britney spears trash anymore

  3. i love britney!!!
    and her career is not over
    it has begun again 🙂
    and she will be bigger and better than ever
    2008 is her year
    she will be the queen of pop once again 🙂
    i lover her
    she is so hot

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