Digg 3.0 now online


Digg 3.0 was launched monday and boy is it one big update. Kevin Rose (digg founder) said that this latest version of the popular social news bookmarking site digg.com was going to be big, with a bevy of new features such as the highly anticipated concept amongst many ‘digger’s’ is the new Digg Topics, and boy was he right!

Digg has traditionally been in the past a technology oriented site appealing to the ‘geek’ croud mostly, but recently just before this release of Digg 3.0 it had become apparent that many diggers (including myself) were posting links to news stories that were perhaps technology unrelated. This was looked at by Digg and they have definately come up with the perfect solution. Make digg appealling to a wider audience and include topic areas such as politics, world and business, videos, entertainment and science, just to name a few.
For those of you who may not be aware of what exactly digg is, and what it’s all about, here’s the rundown:

Digg is all about user powered content. Every article on digg is submitted and voted on by the digg community. Share, discover, bookmark, and promote the news that’s important to you!

source: digg.com

Some people already have started critizing the new digg design but personally I love it. They have incorporated the new topics so seamlessly within the digg layout we have all grown to love so well over the last yr or so, and once you’re logged in, the site really feels much more ‘personalized’ and all about you, the user. Your information is easily accessible, your dugg stories, your friends and your comments are all easy to access and using the site overall has greately improved in my opinion.

If you’re new to the digg community or even just never heard of it before, check it out its really cool. If you frequently visit alot of news sites, you’ll love this. People from all over the world find the most popular news stories and post them on digg so the most up to date and exciting news is always avaliable to you, whenever you need it!

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