Messenger Plus! Live released


The ever popular (unofficial) msn plus! package is now out and avaliable for download. It is also under a new name. Introducing…Messenger Plus! Live.

Messenger Plus! Live is the Windows Live Messenger extention which adds a slew of new functionality, new ways of interacting with your chat buddy and other cool features such as chat window transparency and scripting. Anyone who has used msn messenger and seen your buddy send you interesting new emoticons you couldn’t open, you can bet they were using messenger plus and you weren’t. With this latest version to hit the net, Messenger Plus! Live is bigger and better than ever and any ‘MSN bunny’ who spends every waking moment on MSN should definately download and install it.

Messenger Plus Live is freeware, absolutely free of charge so you can download it, try it out and if you really don’t like it (how could you not) you can just remove it at no cost to you. Messenger Plus! Live is not written or created by Microsoft in any way, its more of a third-party extention for MSN.

In case you’re not exactly sure what benefits Messenger Plus can give you, check out the features below:

  • Tabbed Chat Windows – Have one MSN window open, and be talking to multiple friends at once.
  • Quick Texts – Quick texts and text replacements allow you to send words or sentences with a shortcut, or replace words with other cool fonts or pics (im sure you’ve seen your friends use this before right?)
  • Custom Sounds – Send/use your own custom sounds during your conversation with your friends.
  • Personalized Status – Instead of “Away”, “Busy”, “Out to Lunch”, tell your friends “I’ll be back in a sec” instead.
  • Contact List Clean-Up – Great if you have your contacts all over the place, neaten up your MSN contacts list to find your friends quicker and easier.


Messenger Plus! Live 4.00.235 (4.25mb download)

This is only a few of the myriad of features avaliable. When I spend any amount of time on my computer, no doubt I’ll have MSN Messenger connected, ready to chat away at any time and MSN plus (although free) liven’s up the party and makes a good thing, that much sweeter.

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