PS3 controller used to rumble in 1999

controller.JPGNo need for 360 fanboys to waste energy mocking the “revolutionary” PS3 controller for being sadly inferior to a 7 year-old product that worked with Warhawk on the PS1 when Playstation Magazine is producing humiliating videos like this.

For those who are unaware, The original Playstation and then the Playstation 2 used ‘Dual-Shock’ controllers which not only provided the player with analog control sticks, but also include force feedback vibration which was a huge hit and I personally think this new ‘revolution’ in its time made the Playstation as popular as it is today.

But, this proven controller has been ‘redesigned’ and ‘revolutionized’ some more by the genius creative team at Sony. The Playstation 3 controller will still provide analog control sticks but no more force feedback. Instead sony has opted for motion sensing functionality in place of force feedback which has proven to be a very unpopular move.

This article (follow the ‘Read More’ link below) at XBOX 360 fanboy talk about in great depth why this move was such a crummy move and includes a hilliarous video of what sony apparently released as a gamer playing warhawk (or something) with the new (motion sensing) controller.

This guy looks like he just found video games for the first time and moving the control with his character. The thing is, it is this behaviour when playing ‘motion sensitive’ games that sony have encouraged? eh? Take a look for yourselves, what are you doing sony?

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