AFL star collapses LIVE on TV interview

St.Kilda ruckman Justin Koschitzke collapsed and fell to the ground whilst slightly knocking his head on the way down while appearing on Channel 7's Sportsworld for an interview early this morning.

While playing a match against the Western Bulldogs in round 6, Justin (St.Kilda) collided with Daniel Giansiracusa (western Bulldogs) knocking him unconscious. He was set for a return back to in the next 2 weeks or so, but after today's shocking collapse on national LIVE television, Koschitzke's future this season doesn't look promising.

It has been reported however though that since the incident this morning, Justin has appeared to be in good spirits suffering only a slight bump on the head and minor memory loss. His outcome does look promising, but he won't be avaliable to play well after this initial 2 week period.

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