Episode 7: Trials & Tribulations

A hell of a lot of stuff was covered in this week’s audio. Was kind of a ‘double’ episode this week as I unfortunately missed last week and pushed Episode 7 out a week later. By the way, I hope that won’t happen again, was just really busy with uni and stuff.

– Amazing Interactive Nightclub Tables
– Floating Meditating man…was funny as hell
– Audio Episode 7 on hold, trial of new blog look
– Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Edition Public Beta 2 discussed!
– Wndows Vista Shortcut Dilema

Hope you guys enjoy episode 7…I really hate hosting them on yahoo, maybe sometime soon if I get more serious about getting these out i’ll decide to make the switch!


One thought on “Episode 7: Trials & Tribulations”

  1. Oh Justin, I love your new layout. I’m sorry I haven’t been stopping by a lot lately 😦 Work has been crazy as heck. Blah. 😦 I dunno what’s goin’ on with me, I’m in some weird depressed funko and don’t feel like blogging or really doing much online. 😦 I am off to listen to your audio 😉

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