Where I’m at with…everything!

Hey everybody, hope you’ve all been doing great. I haven’t made a ‘personal’ post for over a week now so I thought i’d fill you all in on what’s been happening with me, interesting or not lol.

School is school really, same old same old. I only have two weeks left of classes for the semester, then a week of exams so it will all be over very shortly, I so can’t wait. I’ve been applying for all kinds of jobs lately. I’m most probably going to be taking some time off studying after this semester is over so looking for a new job.

Applied for mostly full time positions in a whole range of fields such as data entry (boring), various programming jobs, mainly experience with .net languages, some web development stuff (php/asp.net), some consultancy work, even applied to work full time in a sports store here in Melbourne. I hope i get an interview with the sports store, I think i’d really like working there for a bit.

Ummm, what else has been happening. I mentioned in this week’s (episode 6) audio I caught TOTO’s Melbourne concert, which was really great, had such a great time. Lost my voice at the end of the night but was fun nonetheless! lol. Anybody who has ever been to any kind of rock concert knows fully how hot it can get down in there, and I was totally stuffed by the end, soo hot….about half way through I was really dying for some water or something, but didn’t wanna move. It would have been hell trying to get out of the huge wave of people I was nestled amongst. But, still so cool!

Anybody close to me knows I’ve been doing it tough over the last few weeks, just with my personal affairs and stuff. Most of the people I’m close to do come here and read my blog too, so to all you guys, thanks alot for being there for me it really means alot to me. Good to know I have such great friends around me.

On a lighter note, I’ve been hyping it up for the last few months you are all aware. New Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo DS finally came out this week, hope to pick up a copy of it sometime soon. If you have no idea what i’m talking about, just browse through my blog, you’ll most definately find a post i wrote on it.

So thats about it I guess, If i’ve forgotten anything, i’ll be sure to tell you guys about it. Take it easy, have a great week!

One thought on “Where I’m at with…everything!”

  1. 😦 I’m sorry to hear things have been rough for you lately Justin. 😦 If you ever wanna send me a random message to talk, feel totally free 🙂 I thought of ya when I saw Mario at the store …. I hope you get it so you can tell me how good it is! 😉

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