Episode 5: Check In!

I have just finished Episode 5: Check In! and is now avaliable for your listening pleasure. A bit of a quiet week, but just thought i'd check in and re-hash some stuff that made a post this week:

  • New Super Mario Bros – May 15th release date
  • Al Pacino new theater production  – Salome
  • Superman issue #1

I've been pretty busy lately with some stuff going on, but be sure to check out next week's episode, which will be #6 (wow 6 weeks already) how time fly's when your having fun! lol.


2 thoughts on “Episode 5: Check In!”

  1. I kept talking about your blog to my boyfriend at the store the other day … at EB Games we saw the promo box for the new Mario game, and hes like, “Huh, I had no idea about this … ” and I’m like “Oh, my friends blog told me all about it!” Then we were looking at Age of Empires for DS and I brought up your blog again. LOL. I must say again, your blog is the most helpful one I read, when I get a chance to read it, especially lately 😦 🙂

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