New Super Mario Bros – 15 May Release


New Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo DS is a game I am so looking forward to, and have been for most of the year. If you ever played any of the Super Mario Bros games on the gameboy, NES, SNES you will know how addictive the side scrolling adventure with our favourite plumber can be. Well, that sidescrolling concept has been given new life with new 3D graphics on a 2D plane. Here are some picks to get you excited:


New Super Mario Bros releases in the US on May 15th and in Japan May 30th. Australian/New Zealand & Euro gamers won't see mario until mid June I think, so I'll definately be importing my copy in on the 15th for sure. My fellow Aussies, I use a site called DVD Crave to import my games, they have such great prices and they will ship your goods to you usually within 2-3 days which is nice.

A great game worth checking out I think if you own a Nintendo DS, It will be responsible for many nights awake I think! lol.

2 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros – 15 May Release”

  1. Flippin … sweet!!! I hear about it every now and again but admittedly I keep forgetting about it. I was thisclose the buying Tetris DS today but I gotta save all my $$$ for California 😥

    If DVD Craze puts out on ya, well I can send ya a copy if ya reimburse me, just so’s ya know. 🙂 Hopefully I wouldn’t keep it and play it myself! LOL 😉

  2. (P.S. Well we leave for California on May 15 so I guess thats a negatory! Though I could buy it in California and it’d probably get there faster, I bet!) 😉

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