Episode 4: Nintendo Wii, What the hell?

Episode #4 hits the blog this week and boy is it a big one. I go over some of the best news of the week in the gaming industry, check out Tom Cruise's new MI:III mission, and waste time with spinning pencils and rhyming! 

Show Notes:

  • News of the week: Nintendo "revolution" Wii announced
  • You think your good – Try spinning a pencil around your thumb
  • Up for wasting time – 2 Cool sites: Rhymer.com & wordConstructor
  • Movies – Mission Impossible III hits theaters!
  • Nintendo DS fans – New Super Mario Bros May 15 release YAY!

Hope you like it.

2 thoughts on “Episode 4: Nintendo Wii, What the hell?”

  1. I really like the tune in this one! I heard about the … Wii … earlier thisw wiik. Har har. I mean it’s an interesting name but are people gonna say “Hey, did you hear about the new game for the Wii?” Just sounds kinda weird. Sorry I haven’t been posting much, been working like crazy this week since we’re shorthanded at work. šŸ˜› I hope everything is going good for you at school … again I really enjoy your audio streams. šŸ™‚ Talk to you soon, Justin šŸ™‚

  2. P.S. My computer was having goofs as usual so I attributed it to that. But it worked fine after that. šŸ™‚

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