Busy Busy Busy!

Hey guys, haven't written anything on here for at least a few days, its been a madhouse with uni at the moment. I have this essay I have to write, I may have talked about it before, but its an essay on Operating Systems. Here's the topic in question: 

“Operating Systems have two main functions. The first is to provide resource abstraction and the second is to manage resource sharing.”

Sounds fun huh lol. im going ok with it at the moment I suppose but only have a few more days to get it done before its due so been pushing for that recently. Soon enough Justin, soon enough it will be all over.

Mmm what else. Thinking about going to see Mission Impossible 3 tomorrow, i think that will be a cool movie. To be perfectly honest, Im not a huge fan of Tom Cruise at the moment. Seems as though he's gone a little crazy personally, but I do think he's a pretty good actor. Should be good anyway.

Just a quick one for today, gotta get back to this damn essay, its killing me right now! lol.

Check back on Friday for Ep#4. I haven't been talking about all that much, but rest assured, it will be a great episode. 

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