Episode 3: Friday Thrills!

It's time for another episode of the greatest show on earth…well, just kidding. I have just put out episode 3 for your listening pleasure, back for another week of revision on what's been happening with me, news here on my blog and any major announcements.

Show Notes:

  • High score in Tetris DS – NEW personal record: 417 lines cleared, LV 43, 834,000 points scored
  • Back to Uni we go – Back for another 5-6 weeks of hitting the books
  • Apple 8GB & 10GB Nano models – Cool if you don't yet have an iPod, kicking yourself if you do!
  • Wrap-Up – Interest in show music, any ideas?

I've been really excited about finding new artists which licence their music under creative commons or freely distribute their music. I'll be using a favourite tune on each episode, hope you guys like it. If anybody has any suggestions on any really cool 'Indie' bands or cool artists who freely distribute their music through various licences (creative commons) please let me know, i'll be happy to track them down…maybe you'll hear your favourite song next episode!

Thanks guys for sticking with me while i've been ironing out the bugs on this new idea. I've had few tough hosting issues but have finally sorted them out i think now.

Enjoy Episode 3! 

One thought on “Episode 3: Friday Thrills!”

  1. Tetris … I need it!!
    This sounds corny but I saw my first live iPod the other day. I’ve only seen them at the store. Some like 40-somethings came into the restaurant and were huddled around a pink one. They were a cool bunch, tech-oriented older people … you don’t see that a lot around here, let me tell ya.
    I really liked the music for this episode 🙂

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