417 Lines in Tetris DS — My New Record

835,484 points I scored the other day in Tetris DS by playing for 35-40 mins solid on one standard 'endless' marathon game. I got to Lv 42 with 417 lines cleared essentially beating the game more than TWICE over! I was so amazed, my previous best was LV 23 with only just over 300,000 points so this was a huge step.

I'm definately not joking, for proof I took some photos of the game after I finished:


I tried to upload some more of these photos but wasn't working for some reason, maybe i'll check back later and see if its working then. Was pretty crazy, thought i'd just share that with you guys.

I've started back at uni now to finish off the rest of the semester. I so can't wait until its over, it will be great. I have an exam today which won't be fun at all, but i'm never going to be any more ready than I am now, so we'll see what happens with it, hopefully its easy! lol. 

Remember Episode 3 will be out friday, just got done recording it before, throw some music in on it (creative commons of course, no lawsuits please) and it will be all done for another week! It will be up Friday afternoon AEST. 

11 thoughts on “417 Lines in Tetris DS — My New Record”

  1. Isn’t it so funny, on games like that (Lumines lol) I always beat my previous high score by a TON, or I ALMOST get so close to beating it. Last night I unlocked three new skins (you get a new one every 4 “levels”) … it’s either ALL or nothing … congrats though, man that is a crazy score!!! Good luck on your exam, looking forward to Episode III šŸ™‚

  2. Sorry guy…I’ve made 4090 lignes (more than 12 000 000 points) Ask me if you want my screenshot šŸ™‚

  3. man im still playing the game im at 3,499,948 and lines 999 lv 148 man im having fun šŸ™‚

  4. so right now i have my levels and lines maxed at 999 each my score is 30411232. but i can still go for a while… i just want to know what the record is. or where to find it

  5. there is no end actually.. the score maxes out at 99 million, 99999999 on top. i’m at 47182400 with my lines and levels maxed out. i estimated that i’ve done about 11,000 lines as of yet. 13 people have posted proof showing maxed out scores, go to wikipedia and search for tetris DS, then it shows a screenshot of someone maxing it out.

  6. not to put you down but i think i should stop playing it now, its been way over the 9 hour mark and i lost count on lines as the counter stops at 999 O_o i think i have got a new record as its on endless and im getting sick of this constant stream of the nintendo games……i think at an est. im in the 5-6,000 line marginand im on lvl 339, which is basically the same as lvl 20 where its already at the bottom, omg what should i do O.O if u dont believe me e-mail me at le_samuel_john_fishear@hotmail.com ill send ova a pic or vid, ur choice šŸ˜ this is getting stupid lol oh and also my score is 8571105 lol im the mack daddy, except my thumbs hurt and i can imagine myself playing it all the time when im not :S

  7. Lol…
    Yesterday i restarted playing tetris and my score was 5 MILLION.
    The counter gets stuck at 999 lines. I think i passed that three times…
    Level 200, got soo bored after 1 and a half hour.

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