News on Audio Streams

Episode 2: Rain, Hail or Shine was just a little over 2MB and I can't seem to upload any files to wordpress over 1MB so I decided to try my luck and keep this episode off site. Some people are having trouble downloading the file which is unfortunate. It wasn't my intention to make a big deal out of these audio posts, just doing them for something different.

I am seriously going to try and keep each episode under 1MB so I can keep them here on wordpress without any hassles. I don't particularly want to encode each episode in any less quality than 56Khz which is the lowest bitrate i think which doesn't affect spoken word all too much. To combat this, I can either lower the quality of the audio which I don't really want to do, or cut each episode's time down to around 2 minutes. If I plan each episode I think I can manage 2 mins without any hassles.

Episode 2 is 5:25 minutes long and will be the last episode over 2-3 minutes from now on. Doing this will obviously help me out a lot, and it will help you guys out too. You won't be getting stupid error messages when your trying to stream each of the files which i'm totally pissed about happening.

Episode 3 will be out on the 28th and will be easy to download, don't you worry and will be hosted right here on wordpress.

Sorry for all the problems with episode 2 guys, some people didn't seem to have a problem and others did, but it won't happen again. Thanks for hanging in there with me, trying new things it was bound to happen sooner or later.

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