Holidays are over, back to school we go!

Well my mid-semester break is over and back to school I go. I so can't wait until this semester is over, will be awsome. I was really loving not having to goto school, but I guess its ok going back. I still like it no problems there, but I just really can't be bothered doing anymore schoolwork. I need to take a break I think. After this semester I will I think.

Mmm what else has been happening… I was out saturday night in Melbourne having dinner at the Hard Rock, it was fun. Heidi you'll appreciate this, we had this waitress that night, her name was Candy (i think). Such a fun waitress and was bubbly and did spins and twirls, really looked like she totally loves her job. It was just the two of us and unlike most of the waitresses there, she would stop by often just to see how we're going and if we liked the food and stuff. I tipped her $10, she was very appreciative.

So just a quick post for today, gotta go get ready for school anyway, have to leave in like 10 minutes. Longer post next time i swear!

2 thoughts on “Holidays are over, back to school we go!”

  1. Justin, that is great! Must’ve been so cool eating at the Hard Rock Cafe, I live so close to Cleveland and the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame you’d think I’d have been there, lol … πŸ˜‰ Was it a date? πŸ˜€ Oh and heck yes on the $10 tip. And it’s not about greed and wanting more money, people only tip that good when they really appreciate your service, and that means a lot to good servers πŸ™‚

    Bleh stinks you gotta go back to school. My boyfriend is finishing up his semester before summer courses, he’ll be done in less than three weeks … which is when we go to California … hehe! πŸ™‚

  2. P.S.! I listened to your podcast and hehe voices are never as you imagine them, but lovin the accent! πŸ™‚ People around here need accents. One of these days I’ll have to make on of those thingies too, but I think I might be too self conscious, LOL. Unfortunately it only let me listen to Episode I, said Episode II was unavailable from Yahoo. 😦 I’ll try it again soon, though.

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