Apple to Release 8GB and 10GB Versions of the Popular iPod Nano this Summer

For all the iPod fans, summertime will see the release of two higher storage capacity Nanos. The rumored touch screen iPod is still in the works. Pictures of the new versions are available — although it appears that there have been few if any cosmetic changes.

Anybody (myself included) who has an iPod Nano will probably feel like screaming and kicking with this news. Who knows how much they will retail for, but the notion of larger nano’s at least x2 the size of the largest Nano at the moment just sounds too hard to refuse. If they do come out soon, I don’t think i’d sell my nano just to get a larger version, but if you were ever thinking about getting a nano i’d say wait jut a little longer and see what Apple does with these new models.

Sounds like it will happen soon, and as with the rumors of a new iPod with touchscreen capability who really knows with that. I’d say just a rumor at the moment, but would be really cool if Apple do decide to incorporate a touchscreen into either the nano or current iPod (video). Interesting, sounds pretty cool.

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2 thoughts on “Apple to Release 8GB and 10GB Versions of the Popular iPod Nano this Summer”

  1. Ugggh … how annoying … I mean of course they have to release new models, but I hate when you already spent your hard earned money on it, then they release a new one. Reminds me of Nintendo.

    I just noticed the post below me, after work tonight I’ll check out the audio 😀

  2. Couldnt agree anymore Heidi, pfft i got one of the old school i pods. well the one before the video and it was heaps expensive. Oh well. A touch screen I pod would be heaps good though. I think i might go and buy a nano when the new ones come out lol.

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