All men have is 30 seconds with women

Results from a recent study undertaken by Professor Richard Wiseman of Hertfordshire University suggest that men aren't so shallow and judging of women after all, it is in fact quite the opposite.

Half of women who took part in a recent study of dating and relationship interaction were found to have made up their minds within the first 30 seconds of meeting a man and whether he is 'potential' boyfriend material or not. There are a few conclusions that can be drawn from this study and one is that the initial 'pick-up line' a guy uses is more important than ever, and from the woman's eye, first impressions definately last.

So, if opening lines are so important, then what were the most successful lines of the study? Well opening introductions which were successful always involved getting the woman to talk about what interests her, and what she likes to do. Conversational topics were important also. Less of the sample subjects found success talking about films, television and music, with the most successful topic being travel. Travel seems to be the topic of interest for both parties that really seems to attract women more than any other for some strange reason.

"The study also found that women were twice as picky as the men".

Now I know there are females reading this right now thinking, "hang on a minute, im not like that at all, you've got the whole idea of women all wrong". Well, that might be true. Obviously some (not all) women aren't this shallow at all and tend to go about dating in a whole different manner, I totally agree with you 100%. So maybe take this information to heart whatever woman you are, and cut guys a little slack when your out on the town. Its hard trying to impress a dog in 30 seconds let alone trying to impress a woman in that time.

I didn't conduct this study, so I don't have any hard statistics or data on the subject, but I did find this article quite interesting and gives you another look at what women are really thinking.

So guys, when your girlfriend of female friends tell you that your being too shallow or too judgemental, just reffer them to this article and let them read it for themselves. An interesting look I thought.

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