Radical new laser technology and a look at food addiction

I came across an interesting article on Medical News Today which discusses new technology for a possible cure for Cellulite, acne and the ever deadly Heart Disease.

"Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital, USA, are using the Free-Electron Laser at specific wavelengths (selective photothermolysis) to heat up fat, which is then excreted by the body – without harming the skin. They say this technique could be used for treating cellulite, acne and heart disease".

This is totally amazing and does look very promising. With more and more people becoming overweight and obese, Heart Disease has been on the increase and latest statistics show that it doesn't look like its getting ready for any major drop any time soon unfortunately. Whilst people continue to eat themselves to death (granted most of the time its not by choice) coming up with curative measures is the next best thing to give some of these people a second chance, especially with a disease as deadly as Heart Disease.

Food addiction is fast becoming a global 'epidemic' as it has been called by a number of sources. But can people really call it an addiction? Can eating hamburgers and tremendous amounts of bacon be even marginally related to heroine or cocaine addiction which are both more common forms of addiction. Well, sure it can. If you are constantly doing something to your body that can cause harm and often times prove fatal, then yes why not call it an addiction.

A great point Morgan Spurlock brings up in his documentary film "Supersize Me" is that currently at this present time, it is socially acceptable to hassle smokers telling them that its bad for you, and its bad for people around you, and that you should stop it immediately its bad for your health. So, the question is when will it become socially acceptable to hassle overweight or obese people into loosing weight. The same logic can be applied to obesity, but its just not the 'thing to do'.

I can definately say for certain that nobody WANTS to be overweight right? And most people will often do/try anything to loose that weight.

"Obese people can testify to the overwhelming power of food allergy addiction. Compulsive eaters crave and continue to eat those allergenic foods to which they are addicted day after day. The obese person has no idea that his daily food cravings or eating habits are based on a physiological need to stop withdrawal symptoms caused by food allergy addiction". – Sephen Levine, Ph. D.

It's not so much a physical problem that people have, but often times its an emotional problem that makes it difficult. Im not a doctor, but im sure often times addiction begins because of an emotional breakdown perhaps and eating, smoking, drinking are all ways to temporarily escape those bad feelings but unfortunately these 'temporary fixes' are doing serious damage to us and whilst under the influence of these fixes, we loose sight of what's happening around us and before we know it, we're 20, 30, 40, 50kgs more than we used to be.

I once read in an article online that the only thing food addiction is good for is attracting business to fast food restaurants and lawyers. We are we headed? I'm not the person to tell you that answer, but it is a serious problem that more and more people are becoming aware of which is good i think. Food addiction awareness is playing a key role in society today, and personally i think we will see improvements. You just watch.

Personally, I've never had a problem with weight. I'm 6"1, 80Kgs (176lbs). I've never really been on a diet, but I do know people that have. In Australia anyway, I have definately been noticing the huge increase in Subway restaurants in recent times. I would estimate that in 1990 onwards, I would have seen maybe 1 subway in the whole of Melbourne. Now if you look in the same places today, there is a subway on almost every street in downtown Melbourne. I think subway is doing a tremendous job at changing the eating attitudes of a vast amount of people across the world which is only a good thing, making eating healthy something that is both fast and easy, thats not going to kill you.

Until next time…seeya guys

3 thoughts on “Radical new laser technology and a look at food addiction”

  1. Hey Justin, whats news?
    Last few days i have been looking at your site and i have really liked it. Its a great idea that you have talking about all sorts of things. One thing is that i would still like to see more Computer related articles. Ah well we’ll see what happens. Keep up the good work.

  2. Don’t worry Adam, Even though the site has undergone changes and the emphasis has been taken off technology related articles, that topic hasn’t been totally blanked out. Keep checking back often, usually you’ll find at least once a week i’ll be talking about something technology related.

    Thanks Adam

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