Flu dissapearing, Tetris addiction makes its way

Well it finally looks like I'm getting some relief from this stupid flu. God I had being sick, first it just started out as another regular cold, but then the headaches and fever came and I knew I was in for a full scale battle with the flu. Well day 4 of my cold and finally seeing some improvement which is good. 

I got my copy of Tetris DS the other day (I think I told you guys) and I just love that game. Its so addictive, especially playing online. Over the two days I've had it, I've already played over 100 online matches and just keep coming back for more, I can seem to put it down. In between schoolwork breaks, if Im not watching TV, you can bet i'll be online with my DS playing Tetris hehe.

Well I got a good response for my idea of audio posts, but after thinking about it for a few days, I'm not quite sure if it would be a feasible idea. Sure, the idea sounded great, but when i go back to uni i have enough trouble getting in my regular written posts, and having to record some audio each day, can't see it happening too often thats all. Maybe if the demand is high enough, I could put out a clip or two whenever I have some free time if you guys really want to listen to me lol. Either way, I'll still be keeping up on my regular posts, don't you worry about that.

Watch out for tomorrow's post, I'll be writing some new and interesting stuff on fat seeking lasers to be precise lol. Thanks guys, have a great day.

One thought on “Flu dissapearing, Tetris addiction makes its way”

  1. I was thinking, since my wireless internet wont allow me to connect with my DS, i could pick up one of those cords that you connect to your computer’s high speed connection and then we could play Tetris DS that way. I just gotta look one up!

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