Hey, I have an idea. Let’s do that!

Well I hadn't played Gran Turismo in a hell of a long time, but decided to pick it up again and to my suprise, I ended up finishing the game. I was really stuck on a race for months, then I finally finished it, then the rest was a piece of cake (essentially, after hrs and hrs). But finally did it, there's something special that overcome's you when your sitting there watching the end credits and end cutscene of GT4. You feel like you have just proven yourself worthy to be inducted in the elusive club of players who have actually managed to finish the game to its fullest. So much to do in that game. I must admit, i haven't done absolutely everything in the game, dont have all the cars yet, but i've finished all the races but will take a hell of a long time to get a 100% completion.

Here are a few pics of the Grand Valley 300km Endurance race I played last night.


So I'm still sick unfortunately, but i'm really counting on getting better over the next day or two hopefully. Im on holidays from uni at the moment so don't really wanna be sick for the whole break, don't wanna be stuck doing schoolwork all the break.

So thats about it from me for now, something a little more interesting to talk about will hopefully come up. Maybe I can think up something to talk about for next post, something insightful for you guys. I am home most of the day at the moment i suppose and sick so not really doing much. Until next time…seeya guys.

One thought on “Hey, I have an idea. Let’s do that!”

  1. My son is hopelessly attached to video games. He has all three major systems, and he works about 20 hours per week, enough to keep himself supplied with the latest game offerings. Sometimes I will sit down and try to play, but he beats me by a mile.

    Now I have a palm tungste e, and a few games on it. The graphics are not way comparable to a true game machine, but they keep me entertained. Beats my Commodore 64!

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