Sipping on lemon tea, how crap can life be?

It is Sunday morning (last day of uni was friday) and technically haven't even started my mid-semester break and I have been struck down with a cold.

I woke up this morning and to my horror, I had the worst sore throat I've had in ages. I got up and thought if all I have today is a sore throat, I guess I'm not doing too bad I suppose, but no I was wrong. A few hours later, the rest of it started…headaches, runny nose and the throat continues to totally piss me off. Oh how it sucks, about to start my break then I get a cold.

Hopefully it only lasts a few days cos I don't wanna be stuck at home for the whole 2 weeks. Sure, being at home will give me time to work on the mountanous pile of assignments and exam study I have (App.Statistics exam when i get back), but I really wanted to go out and stuff at least some of the time on the break. I'm not a machine right, we all need time to go wild right?

So I'm sitting here at my computer here in my room, sipping on lemon tea, trying to get started on an essay I have to write for my Operating Systems class. The topic is: "Operating Systems have two main functions. The first is to provide resource abstraction and the second is to manage resource sharing." Sounds like fun huh! lol. I'm confident I'll be able to get it done in about a week or so. It's supposed to be between 3,000 – 3,500 words which isn't too bad I guess, just gotta get on it.

Tomorrow I should get my copy of Tetris DS in the mail (import from the US) which will be good. Heidi: I agree with you that the 'shadow' of the blocks on the bottom of the screen makes it seem a little too easy, and defeats the purpose right. We shall see tomorrow what the reality is, if it really makes a big difference, but i'll let you know how it goes. I know you were thinking about getting this game, I have no doubt most modes will still be fun to play, but i'll let you know.

yesterday I did a little shopping for new clothes. Winter is fast approaching and really needed some more 'cold weather' clothes. I bought two new pairs of jeans (i love them, they are really cool) and a few jumpers. Over the summer, I've more or less just been wearing alot of shorts and t-shirts and stuff so it was good to go out and pick up a few new things for the colder months.

That's about it for now, pretty boring at the moment, sucks being sick and schoolwork is piling up, but I'll leave you all with a few fry quotes I found funny from one of my favourite TV shows Futurama: (fry is the greatest character ever)

"People said I was dumb, but I proved them."
"Full price for gum?! That dog won't hunt, Monsignor."
"No, I'm …doesn't!"
"Ugh, it's like there's a party in my mouth and everyone's throwing up."
"Its just like the story of the grasshopper and the octopus. All year long the grasshopper kept burying acorns for winter while the octopus mooched off his girlfriend and watched TV. Then the winter came, and the grasshopper died, and the octopus ate all his acorns and also he got a racecar. Is any of this getting through to you?"
"Crazy theories one, regular theories a billion."
"But existing is basically all I do!"
"Whoa! Letters like 'u' and 'r' can mean words like 'you' and 'are'!"
"That's not why people watch TV. Clever things make people feel stupid and unexpected things make them feel scared."
"Magic. Got it."
"It's like that drug trip in that movie I saw when I was on that drug trip."
"This show's been going downhill since season three."
"Leela, there's nothing wrong with anything."
"Words. Nothing but sweet, sweet words that turn into bitter orange wax in my ears."
"Valentine's Day's coming? Aw crap! I forgot to get a girlfriend again!"
"I did do the nasty in the past-y."
"I can't wait until I'm old enough to feel ways about stuff."
"My folks were always on me to groom myself and wear underpants. What am I, the pope?"
"This is the best movie I've ever seen. It has a vampire and an explosion!"
"Hey, I have an idea. Let's do that!"

One thought on “Sipping on lemon tea, how crap can life be?”

  1. Ha, I wondered where your “Crazy theories one, regular theories a billion” came from! My favorite there is “”No, I’m …doesn’t!” Fry is a great character, I looove Futurama … the last episode I saw, but I didn’t catch the beginning, was they went back to their childhoods or something and then at the end they were at the Fountain of Youth and Zoidberg was going through all his stages of … whatever he is, lol. Leela is my favorite … I liked an episode where she dressed like Peg from “Married … With Children” (since she was the mom in that show, in case it wasnt in Australia) …

    And I’ll be looking for the heads up on Tetris DS too! I hate that you have a cold!! I had that about a week ago, the sore throat only lasted for two days or so, the runny nose kept on for about 6 – 8 days, but it’s not too bad. Take some vitamins or something, helped me a lot 🙂

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