Mid-semester break

Well guys, It is finally the middle of the semester and you know what time that means…Mid-semester break, yay! I have 2 weeks off which is going to be great. I have a chance to catch up with some work in various subjects and best of all, get to go out more than I have been.

Unfortunately, I have quite a bit of schoolwork to do over this break (2 assignments, an essay and exam study for my app.statistics class) but i'm just glad I don't have any classes to attend. so great.

The last few nights, I have been going crazy on DVD's. At the start of the week I felt the urge to rapidly expand my DVD collection, so on that impulse, I went out and bought 5-6 or so to watch over the break in between going out and study of course. So i have just been watching DVD's alot, last night I was watching SAW which was pretty good. I was going to go see it at the movies when it came out but didnt get around to seeing it, so was good to watch it. Reservoir dogs is another great movie I picked up, Quentin Tarantino does a great job at both directing and writing the film. Tonight I might watch Ladder 49 I think. I saw it at the movies (would have been like a yr ago now) but still a good film.

Heidi, you will be interested to know that I have finally gotten around to ordering in Tetris DS and I should have it by Monday or so which will be great. I think that game will be so fun with its new game modes and espeically online play. Anybody who has a Nintendo DS and are thinking about this game, I would recommend getting it if you got as addicted to the first tetris as I did (we can play online also :)).

I've been playing alot of PS2 lately also. I have gotten back into playing Gran Turismo 4 recently. I few months back, i was playing it but got stuck on a race I couldn't finish, but now that I have, I've unlocked all sorts of new tournaments so definately not stuck anymore which is good. A few nights ago, i was racing one of the endurance races – Tokyo 120 laps (i think). Was pretty late when I finished it, but racing endurance races in GT4 is nowhere near as boring as it was in GT3. Now you can strategically plan your pit stops, fuel, tire changes and so on so get the most out of the race. I really like the pit animation which takes place when ur pitting in, all your fellow team members quickly swarm around your car, refueling, swaping tires, etc…never gets old watching that.

So thats about all from me, so glad to be on holidays now. Anybody wanna get in touch with me, now is definately the time. I'll be online a whole lot more obviously now that I am @ home and not always at uni. Whenever my computer is on, im always connected to MSN if any of you wanna chat, feel free. Thanks guys, take it easy.

One thought on “Mid-semester break”

  1. Good choices on the DVDs!! Reservoir Dogs is one of my favorite ever movies, I could watch that one over and over again … Saw and Ladder 49 good too, me and my mom were crying when we saw that one in the theatre!

    I played a little Tetris DS tonight at the store, I was enjoying it somewhat, but I think it would’ve been better if I could’ve played it on a different “mode” other than the one the demo offered. The only thing I didn’t like was how it showed an outline of where the blocks were gonna land, I thought that kinda took the fun out of it, lol 🙂 After I get some $$ (well I spent it tonight on DVDs lol) I will pick it up 😉

    Cool on Gran Turismo as well, I love racing games but I’m not good at the more realistic ones lol 😦 I’d pop on MSN but I gotta be at work in the morning … what else is new … lol I bet you’ll love those 2 weeks off!

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