What’s happening in my world today?

Well, lets start with yesterday shall we. I had a mid-semester math exam for uni @ 2pm and boy was that a fun filled exam. Its only a mid-semester exam worth 20% of the final or something, but it was damn near impossible. It consisted of only 4 questions (but considering each one is complex in its own right and we only had an hr to do them), I am pretty sure I got question 3 all right, but looking back on it I think I kinda stuffed up a small part of Q1 (prob get 1/2 marks) stuffed half of Q2 (i think, time will tell) and Q4 covered topics that weren't even suppose to be in the exam. So all in all you could say I had an eventful day yesterday at school.

Today, i came across this really cool website called Questionville. Questionville was derrived from the very popular digg.com site (different authors though) using similar ideas to convey their information, but taken to a whole new level.

Members of QuestionVille can submit questions. When a question is submitted other members can then submit answers to that question. As new answers are submitted members can pick the best ones. As each answer gains more picks it gets moved to the top of the list, and the #1 Answer naturally bubbles to the top. If someone has already submitted an answer but you would like to recommend a slightly different approach or point something out you can add notes to that specific answer.

Its a really good idea and a great way to get those answers to questions that are hard to find. You could use it during your study time and ask something you don't quite understand, or just ask a more generalized question about the world, politics, current affairs, whatever.

So I've been good anyhow, this week is my final week of uni then I get a mid-semester break of 2 WEEKS! How awsome is that. I was originally thinking I would be getting like 4 days or so over the Easter long weekend, but turns out to be 2 whole weeks which is great, I'm not complaining.

I wanna send a big thanks to everyone who has visited my blog over the last few days of craziness with the change of format, but looks like the new idea has totally taken off. Instead of a technology centric blog, this new 'more personal' blog where I can talk about whatever the hell i want, whenever i want seems to be what people want to read about, and not really technology news, which i'm fine with.

Just glad to see people are taking a real shine to the new blog and I'll keep the posts coming, don't you worry about that.

I'm trying to add a little more diversity into the posts also talking about all different areas so If anybody has any ideas, please post your comments and let me know. I'd be happy to write about something of interest to the masses lol :).

Well, that it for me today guys, enjoy and until next time…

One thought on “What’s happening in my world today?”

  1. Well of course I enjoyed your tech themed blog too! Kept me coming back since like, September, eh? But it is gonna be cool to learn more about what youre doing, especially with school and all that. Sucks big time about that exam, ugh … why on Earth was there material you hadn’t even covered? :\ From my friends in school it sounds like that happens a lot. To think they’re getting paid good money for that lol 😡

    Questionville sounds really awesome, I bet it’d be a good place to start mini-debates too. Oh I meant to ask, did you design this layout and all that? 🙂 Hope your next day at school is better than yesterday!

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