New name, New Look. The Whole Story arrives!

Justin's Techblog has finally sailed away into the sunset (waves goodbye, wipes a tear) off to explore uncharted new worlds, new people, and possibly new management. It is safe to say that Justin's Techblog is no more, but there may be plans for the future of the blog, not quite sure yet. I am no longer the author, but the blog may be given away to new management under a new name and new URL. I'll post any new information here as it comes to hand.

Now for my new venture… As one door closes, another one opens right.

Followers of my old blog Justin's Techblog (formerly on tblog) then with a recent move here to wordpress will know that I have been gearing up for a complete change of the format of the blog (hence the move from tblog a few months ago). Well I have been working hard coming up with new ideas, new content and new perspectives to introduce, and now release date has arrived….Welcome, The Whole Story!

I am now the administrator, editor, author, contributor and subscriber to The Whole Story. My new blog is all about bringing you the stories of my life, and indeed the stories of the world.

Not having to be news stories as such, anything even remotely interesting about anything…something funny, something beautiful, something dangerous, something horrible, The Whole Story has you covered. Think of The Whole Story as talk radio in blog form. Mindless chatter (and maybe even a traffic report here and there) 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

2 thoughts on “New name, New Look. The Whole Story arrives!”

  1. Cool blog. I remember you were saying that you had a blog on some other address but had moved here recently, and now the transformation is complete huh! thats really great. look forward to your future posts.

  2. I am really glad this is going to be a personal blog. While you always kept me abreast (lol I cant say that without laughing) of tech stuff, some of it was stuff I didn’t really know much about … but with your new format I’m sure you’ll talk about some tech stuff anyway, AND your life, which I can’t wait to read about 🙂

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