Nintendo DS Web Browser Hits USA in December!

Go Nintendo reports that “the DS Web Browser has been announced to come out for the DS in America in December…in the latest issue of Nintendo Power.”

Based upon the popular Opera Web Browser Software, this touch screen adaptation will include similar functionality to its bigger PC brother, but also making use of the DS touch screen for navigation. This is really cool. I’ll be sure to import this when it comes out….C’mon christmas time!

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46 thoughts on “Nintendo DS Web Browser Hits USA in December!”

  1. does the japan browser work in the usa and does it have a english setting is it in europe yet how can i buy it now

  2. hey guy matthew srry but the japanese version we only make it for japan, just japan internet , and europe ones will be on spanish, no lenguage option ( i am a nintendo worker in california) we only make american version in english, wait, its almost december.. srry, but you will need to wait…

  3. Do you know exactually what date in December and i heard you can get english web pages on the Ds Browser.

  4. no either ds will work but the ds lite has a smaller gba pak and so the ds lite version will only work in the ds lite.

  5. Hey, Albert Lopez, I’d like you to keep your mouth shut. Don’t tell lies, because no one believes them. We all know you DON’T work at Nintendo. Someone who talks like that does NOT work at Nintendo.

    But for someone like me, though … I could work at Nintendo, because I don’t talk like you. =D

  6. Thanks Joshua, that information is fairly accurate I think. However, anybody thinking of importing the japanese version should think again as that version will only work with japanese ISP’s (apparently).

    Anybody wanting to pick up the DS web browser should wait until their region gets it in stores locally.

  7. The japanese version is compatable with American and other foreign ISPs, and the DS web browser will not be available in stores, it’s strictly by ordering it.

    Also, I don’t work for Opera or Nintendo, I’m my own company.

  8. but if u get the japan verison theres is a way on google to change it to english that just means u do ur sufing on google or just go to american sites!!! but do u no the exact date it comes in dec.

  9. thanks rc for contributing to the discussion. Everybody seems to want to know about the DS web browser so any new information is always greately appreciated!

  10. All of the browsers, no matter what country they are from work in any other country. The beautiful thing about the european version is that you can change the interface language. You can choose english, spanish, french, italian or germen! Because of this, I think this is the one to get. I picked up mine at


  12. can sum one tell me if, it comes too england, and when, and how much is it, and which shops, and can u actualy go on porn, on the web browser, sum 1 plz tell me

  13. is December now…when and where i gonna be able to buy the nintendo ds web browser…im crazy for it

  14. if anyone know where to buy the Nintendo DS Web Browser in United State..plz tell me cuz i wanna that

  15. ….. everything the kid that first posted about the webbrowser is lie… there’s no g2 b one in the states


  17. If you know when the nintendo ds web browser is coming out for usa you’ll win a great big thank you from me! 🙂

  18. DS Browser now available in Australia as of Jan. 18, 2007.

    Turn your Nintendo DS into a fully-functioning web browser with the Nintendo DS Browser. Surf websites, check and send emails, bank and shop online – all wirelessly!

    The Nintendo DS Browser software is available in two different versions, one for the Nintendo DS Lite and one for the original Nintendo DS.

    The Nintendo DS Lite version is available from video game retailers.

    The original Nintendo DS version is only available directly from Nintendo Australia for $A69.95 inc GST, with no additional charge for postage within Australia. Please contact Nintendo Customer Service on 03 9730 9822 Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 5:00pm EST for ordering information. Limited stock available.

  19. hey
    i don’t know anything about it coming out but i really want to know i’m getting bored going to radom sites and looking at useless info


  20. also if you have a Wii you could use internet on it too.(I’m typing on my Wii right now)

  21. Just letting everyone know that the Nintendo DS Web Browser OFFICIALLY comes out on June 4th, 2007 in the USA. I work at EB Games and I preordered mine today. Also, ONLY the Nintendo DS Lite version of the browser will be available commercially, if you want the original Nintendo DS version you are going to have to order it off of Nintendo’s website.

  22. okay…lets get this thing started!
    here’s some real facts about the ds web brower. It’s up to you whether u want to believe it or not. But i actually have proof, so listen up.

    Q: 1) Is there going to be an (original) DS web browser?
    A: 1) Yes. There is going to be an (original) DS web browser.

    Q: 2) Can you buy an (original) DS web browser at a retail store? (ex. walmart, gamestop,target,etc…)
    A: 2) No. You have to order an (original) DS web browser online. I don’t know where exactly, but i’ll update you guys/girls when I find out. Only the “DS Lite” web browser will be sold at retail stores.

    Q: 3) How many DS web browser versions are there?
    A: 3) There are currently three DS web browser versions.

    Version A: Japan version [Date it came out:July 24,2006]
    Version B: Europe version [Date it came out: Oct 6,2006]
    Version C: US version [Date it “comes” out: June 4,2006]

    I hope this answer’s your question “huh? Unregistered”

    That’s all the Q/A’s i have ,but if you guys/girls have anymore questions then just post one and i’ll answer it to the best of my ability.

    Now here is some really important information. Now i know alot of “impatient people” went ahead and ordered a DS lite web browser online, and hey, that’s fine. But unfortunately you guys lucked out.

    I am aware that a DS web browser doesn’t support flash or java.

    Now here’s the big information.




    I am not sure if the ds web browser will support java and/or video, but i’ll send a post as soon as i find out.

    Now I’ve just laid out alot of information that some will believe me, and others will just not care. That’s fine, but for those of you who need some solid information, here are some websites where I have found all the information above.

    1. Wikipedia: type in nintendo ds web browser

    2. my

    Okay…I think that’s about it. I hope I helped you guys out. See yeah later!

  23. Oh, I’ve been using the European browser for about 3 months now, and ( in case this hasn’t been posted already ) it’s in complete English.

  24. “y did they recall it? anyone know?”
    If what D.J. said is true and : “THE US DS WEB BROWSER DOES SUPPORT FLASH!!!”
    then they probably recalled it so that they could sell a flash compatible browser later on for a whole heck of a lot more money. It’s a pretty typical metered-innovation scheme; allow only small advances in functionality at a time, make them pay through the nose for each one, and if a new one comes along that you aren’t making a mint off of (as is the case with homebrew) then find a way to destroy it (as the DSi firmware updates do).

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