Sony confirms PS3 controller redesign


It has been confirmed (finally!). The controller that legions of Playstation fans detested ever since day one has finally officially been scrapped and Sony Computer Entertainment’s worldwide division has gone back to the drawing board.

The ‘boomerang – cresent moon’ design in my opinion was one of the worst designed devices that sony had ever created, and I am so glad that they too have see this and chopped it. The redesign has yet to be revealed, but all signs are pointing to an unveilling at this year’s E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in May.

I wonder what they will come up with? I (and the millions of other playstation gamers) was very very happy with the PSX and PS2 controller’s (both more or less the same case) as they were both easy to use and fairly comfortable to hold for long periods. Hopefully this new design will be based around that similar concept which made the original controllers to popular, but I hope they don’t try anything too drastic.

I can’t say this enough Sony…“MAKE SURE USER TESTING IS PRIORITY NO #1”. If I’ve learnt anything in my User Interface design and Interaction design classes at Uni is that the user should definately be involved in the project as much as possible, becuase user feedback is the best indicator of a good product (im sure you guys @ sony know this :)).

Really looking forward to the redesign, and and unanimous “THANK YOU” on behalf of all playstation gamers!

3 thoughts on “Sony confirms PS3 controller redesign”

  1. One thing you have to give Sony though is the incredible controller for PS / PS2 so lets hope they can do this again, I wouldn’t even mind playing with the same controller!

  2. Yeah, that thing definitely looks like simply the product of wanting something that looked cool, and not functionality. The PS2 controller is great, as was the N64 controller back in the day (least I thought so). So I’ve been wondering since I saw a commercial earlier, have you gotten your hands on Tetris DS yet? Looks frigging sweet, if you love it I may just have to pick it up and go to a wireless cafe to play ya if possible. We’d definitely have to set up a time for that, but it’d rock! Take care Justin, sorry I haven’t talked to ya/posted comments lately.

  3. To me, I like de new designed ps3 controller. It looks more beatiful and wholesome then the ps/ps2 controller.

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