Shenanigans of a math lecture

Hey guys, I was just in one of my applied mathematics lectures, got out like 5 mins ago. My lecturer is really good, and he really knows his stuff, and he was funny as hell today lol.

About half way through, he started going over logical expressions of boolean algebra and gave an anecdote to understand the rules and that they are something that need to be learned:

“Maths is just like music, if you don’t know what the musical notation is, what the little squiggly fly shit is, then your’re stuffed aren’t you? It’s rules that you need to learn.”

Lol, it sounded really funny comming from an applied mathematics professor. Another thing he mentioned which was amusing was when he was discussing how not to implement specific rules and such:

“Imagine if you were trying to tell somebody that this is an algebraic law…bullshit they’d say.”

That was funny as hell. Applied Mathematics professors typically are not very humerous, and are usually straight to the point. I love my math lecturer this year, funny and he knows his stuff at the same time, the best way to learn.

2 thoughts on “Shenanigans of a math lecture”

  1. HA, yeah i use to love my Physics teacher when i was in year 12. He was the funniest guy alive. and learning is so much easier with a good teacher. How is the maths coming along.. Keep up the good work.

  2. Haha, that’s awesome man. Most math teachers really are very stoic and serious. I had a biology teacher that while he was pretty serious, he’d always throw in a joke. I’ll never forget when he said orgasm instead of organism, oh man the whole class just sat there and then he turned beet red, wow I haven’t thought about that since 10th grade though … lol! :B

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