The best of Nintendo DS is almost upon us

Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings (Avaliable: NOW)


The Age of Empires series ever since its introduction back in 1997 has always pushed the envelope of Real time strategy games on the PC, and now the series is back for its next installment paving the way for newer advances in gameplay, storytelling and a totally new system for starters.

Age of Empires 2: The age of kings released was released mid last month (Feb 14th) with high critical acclaim from a number of trusted sources such as IGN, Gamespot and Gamespy just to name a few all scoring the game in the low 80 percentile:

  • IGN: 8.2 / 10 = 82%
  • Gamespot: 8.2 / 10 = 82%
  • Gamespy: 4/5 stars = 80%


For those who are familiar with Advanced Wars on the Nintendo DS will be familiar with the gameplay mechanics and styling of Age of Kings (AOK) in that it is a turn based strategy game instead of the classic PC style ‘real time’ strategy. Having a turn based approach makes it more interesting and adds a new level of strategic complexity to the game well suited for a handheld. The Graphics look sharp and clear, and some of the battle animations look just like they did on AOE 2 back on the PC in 2000.

I don’t currently own the game, but I’m definitely going to run out and pick myself up a copy of AOE2: Age of Kings. I’m sure it won’t dissapoint.

Tetris DS (Avaliable US: March 20, JAP: April 30, EUR: May 6)


Tetris DS is a game I have been waiting quite a while for and so glad its coming out Next week (March 20), I think I’ll have to import it as here in Australia, we seem to get DS games around the same time as Europe (PS2 games we get the same time as US which is nice). Anyone who is a fan of the original Tetris game on the Gameboy will surely love coming back and giving it another spin.

Graphics of course have been improved significantly, along with a whole heap of new game modes which will be kinda cool. So looking forward to this game.

Metroid Prime: Hunters (Avaliable US: March 20)


Metroid Prime Hunters on the DS is a game I have been waiting so long for, ever since we all played the demo we got with our Nintendo DS’s way back in Jan 05′. Pretty much the first ‘first person shooter’ to release for the Nintendo DS, any fans of the original metroid games, or even the newer metroid prime games on the gamecube will definately love this, and best part of all….Its Nintendo WIFI Connection compatible.

I am also really looking forward to New Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo DS but won’t be out until May or something, so I’m sure i’ll be talking about that game closer to the release date. So can’t wait, there are alot of really great games currently avaliable and coming soon on the Nintendo DS (far more than our PSP friends 🙂 lol) so get to it, keep an eye out for some of these games, I know I am.

One thought on “The best of Nintendo DS is almost upon us”

  1. ARGH, firstly, Metroid Prime: Hunters is a LONG TIME in the waiting! The demo was so awesome … a year and a half ago. LOL. I jest … Hehe and ya had to throw that PSP jab in there 😉 I guess I’m just defensive since my mom shelled out the $$ for it and I haven’t turned it on in over a month or more.

    Tetris DS would honestly be WAY TOO addictive for me to consider … *frets* It would be so cool though! … I’ll have to think about it!!

    And thanks for the review of AOE … I’ll wait till I get your personalized opinion but it seems to have scored pretty well. It was actually tied as game of the month in Electronic Gaming Monthly, with a Gameboy game. So it had to be pretty sweet.

    Awesome post!!

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