Notes on whatevr

For some reason, I get asked by various friends and fellow students what router I use and how good is it at keeping out all the crap floating around on the internet these days? My answer, I use the Linksys WRT54G wireless router. Its great for both the price and how well it performs. With various encryption methods avaliable to you including WEP, WPA, RADIUS, and WPA2 (possible firmware update required depending on which version you have) and I just love it.


I picked up a copy of BLACK on the PS2 mid last week and its just awsome. The particle effects, bloom lighting, amazing detail and awsome soundtrack really makes for one unique gaming experience. With the focus on destruction and just killing people, its a great diversion from what most first person shooters these days are all about.


BLACK PS2 (also avaliable on XBOX) is one of the best looking games you’ll find on current-gen systems and is definately worth taking a look at.

I’ve been pretty busy with school this last week or so (semester started last week) so it’s been hectic, but its great i’ve still been able to post here on my blog, I do enjoy it and glad I can keep regular updates. That’s it for me today, have fun pplz!

Oh by the way, I’m glad some people found the Fixing Microsoft Word Crashes post interesting and helpful, i’ll be sure to write something like that more often.

4 thoughts on “Notes on whatevr”

  1. Huh, I didn’t know what to expect out of Black after the review I saw on X-Play. Then again, their reviews are usually pretty opposite what I think, while amusing … anyhoo, it looks pretty sweet, I’ll have to rent it!

    Oddly, we have been having some troubles with our Linksys router (same one as that) and I’ve heard the same from quite a few people. With a few tech friends, the first thing they ask me if I’m using THAT router, and then they nod and say “yep, there is your problem!” .. :\ So I don’t know now, that’s pretty weird.

  2. P.S. Justin, a really nifty thing with your blog, if I click on the link to “comment” it just brings up THAT entry, plus the comment box, but it also has a cool thing where you can click on type deal. I really like that, instead of having to hit the back button twice. Pretty nifty!

  3. Black looks like a great title indeed, although I am scared of FPS on a PS2 controller (just doesnt feel right to aim), will give it a go if not only to see how pretty it is. And people say the PS2 hardware is crap!!! It is the developers not pushing the bar too many times.

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