New name for JTB – any ideas?


Hey guys, I’ve been thinking of changing the format of the blog. I’ll still talk about technology but I figure there’s alot of cool stuff around on the net these days and being able to post some of that for all to see would be kinda cool. General topics and chatter on whatever will be the focus instead of exclusively devoting all my posts to technology related news.

Anyone with and ideas I emplore you to post whatever your thinking in the comments, I can’t seem to think of a good name for the blog, but any suggestions or ideas will be great.

I love this bear (above), found it around somewhere (good old google image search). Its stuff like this which has motivated me to expand my thinking and ideas for the blog.

Thanks guys, looking forward to hearing your suggestions. Don’t be shy, that’s what comments are for right?

11 thoughts on “New name for JTB – any ideas?”

  1. I would say to take a look what you like in life? Write about that? If you write about something you love to do , you can see it instantly and helps with the knowledge that might come with it!

  2. Oh gosh … ::ponders long n hard:: … do you want to keep your name in it? I always go with dorky stuff like “Kero’s Konundrums” and “Cherry’s Quandaries” so you probably don’t want my advice! ^.^

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