A blast from the past

Dell Latitude XPi P100SD

Friend of mine came around with this dell laptop and I just couldn’t believe it. This computer would have been manufactured just after the introduction of windows 95 running an Intel Pentium 100mhz cpu, 16mb ram and a massive 800mb hard disk.

It has a cd-rom pcmcia interface card, but kinda useless with no cd-rom to back it and that makes re-installing windows practically impossible. I had it dropped off to me to see what I could do with it, if it was even possible for a fresh copy of windows 95 to be installed, but without the cd-rom its more or less useless.

I suppose I could try removing the hard drive and install windows straight to the disk on another PC, but I guess i’ll need to look around for a 2.5″ to 3.5″ IDE adapter to do that.

It’s an interesting dilema and one that I don’t face very often with my experience with computers, but an interesting piece of computing memorabilia (if ur into pre-windows 95 machines, good old dos days).

7 thoughts on “A blast from the past”

  1. oii that’s and ancient machine.. Maybe it should be put in the computer hall of memorbilia 🙂

    Good luck!! wonder if you can get a copy of it on 3.5 floppies… if my memory serves me that’s probably how it got on there in the first place.

  2. Wow, that is awesome! Old computer stuff rocks. My dad and I used to go shopping for computers back in the day, I remember them being soooo expensive … games on DOS were the best … ah now I want to watch “Pirates of the Silicon” valley! 🙂 Great post Justin!

  3. Justin,

    A quick observation: I like conversing through t-blog, but doubt that I will go to the trouble, at least often, to type in all the info at top in order to leave a comment. Your site looks great, but I don’t like this aspect. Why is my e-mail address required? Just griping!

    Concerning vintage computers: I have a Commodore 64 in working condition, complete with a 1571 drive and printer. I use a fast load cartridge and 5 1/4 disks. I even have many of the old magazines, from which I would type in hours of code to obtain programs. It was fun for the time.

  4. Thanks for your comment PastorDave. I took your great advice and decided to take out required fields on comments. I had no idea to be honest that it was a requirement to post your name and email regardless, but i have rectified the problem and will not happen again. Next time you want to commment, no field will be required, so u can just type a comment if u wish without a name or email.

    I hope you keep coming back dave and with those modifications I hope you do.

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